Nano Grade β-SiC Silicon carbide powder

Nano Grade β-SiC Silicon carbide powder


SizeD50SiC Purity(%)Crystal FormColor

Nano Grade β-SiC Silicon carbide powder main physical properties

Melting point2900℃
Specific Surface Area68.16m2/g
Mohs Hardness9.5

PACKAGING: 5kgs/bag(Tin Foil Vacuum bag) in Fibre Drums

Nano Grade β-SiC Silicon carbide powder main applications

Modified high -intensity nylon material: nano carbide powder is compatible with good compatibility in polymer composite materials, good and basic binding. Abrasion resistance is more than 3 times. It is mainly used for high -molecular accessories, car steering components, textile machinery, mining mechanical lining plates, and train components at lower temperatures at lower temperatures.

Different special engineering plastic polyether ether (Peek) wear resistance: When adding a amount of about 5%, it can greatly improve and improve the abrasion resistance of Peek (increase the original 30%).

The application of nano -silicon carbide in rubber tires: Add about 2%of nano -silicon carbide without changing the original rubber formula for modification, and without reducing its original performance and quality, its abrasion resistance can be increased by 20% – 40 %. In addition, nano -carbonized silicon is used in rubber rollers, printed machines such as shabby film and other rubber products such as abrasion, heat dissipation, temperature resistance.

Metal surface nano -carbide composite coating: uses the second mixed particles of nano -granular particles, nickel is a matrix metal, forms a high density on the metal surface, and the combined composite coating is very good. ) The characteristics of high temperature resistance (self -lubricating) high temperature. Its composite coating microscopic hardness has been greatly improved, the abrasion resistance is increased by 2-3 times, the service life increases by 3-5 times, the binding force of the plating layer and the substrate is increased by 40 %, the coverage capacity is strong, the coating is uniform, smooth, and meticulous.

Other applications: high -performance structure ceramics (such as rocket nozzles, nuclear industry, etc.), suction material, abrasion lubrication oil, high -performance brake pads, high hardness wear resistance powder coatings, composite ceramics enhancement and toughery, etc.; Structural coating, function coating, protective coating, suction materials, stealth materials, etc.; Protective armor of tanks and armored vehicles; can be used as ceramic tools, blade, quantity, and molds; Ceramics; igniter; electric heating elements for electrical industry, far infrared generator.






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