Silicon carbide classification

Silicon carbide classification

Silicon carbide is a kind of inorganic non -metal material, with high hardness, strength, thermal stability, and corrosion resistance, so it is widely used in various fields as follows:

1.refractory material

Silicon carbide has extremely high thermal stability and corrosion resistance, so it is used to produce refractory materials for making high -temperature kiln, furnace bottom, furnace lining, furnace door, etc.

2.Grinding material

Because Silion carbide has properties of high hardness and wear-resisting,it is used to make grinding material widely.It also can be used for grinding hard material such as iron and steel,copper metal and glass.

3.Photovoltaic material

Because silicon carbide has the Wide Band Gap which meet with the requirement of Photovoltaic spectrum,and get higher photoelectric conversion efficiency.

4.Semiconductort material

Silicon carbide as semiconductort material,it is widely used in electronics manufacturing and LED light source.

In a word,Silicon carbide is an excellent material,and will be used widely in more and nore fields.


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