Kinds of silicon carbide

Kinds of silicon carbide

About silicon carbide,there are mainly two kinds:black silicon carbide and greens silicon carbide.

Black silicon carbide has purity of 95%min.Its toughness is higher than green silicon carbide.

Black silicon carbide mainly used for processed material with low-tension strength such as glass,ceramics,stones etc.

Green silicon carbide main consist of SIC,more than 97%,with good self-sharpness and mainly used for processing hard alloys,titanium alloy and optical glass.

In addition,there are cubic silicon carbide and nano silicon carbide.

Cubic silicon carbide is a yellow-green crystal under special crafts,it is used to make abrasive tool which is suitable to superfinishing of bearing.

Nano silicon carbide,is also processed under special craft,it is greyish green or grey color and crsystal form are α and β。

nano grade SiC Silicon carbide

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